Elisabetta Bignami coach

Graduated in Education Sciences in Bologna, I gained fifteen years of experience in this sector first in the school environment and later in the field of human resources. Later I trained as a coach at the Asterys Lab school, which has an agreement with ICF.

I have been recognized as a facilitator in Mindfulness at IPHM International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

I work as a business consultant supporting people in times of strong change.

I have driven many women to redefine their role in transformative moments of their careers or their private lives.

I approached the most innovative method to personal growth and I believe that emotions and creativity are fundamental aspects in moments of renewal.

Deepen my knowledge:

In the first years of university, to start working to be more independent, I decided to take the swimming instructor license. Since I was a child, swimming has been my sport and this decision came very naturally.

During my studies I deepened psychology, pedagogy, sociology; later I have never stopped dealing with training, personal growth and my curiosity for people, their thoughts, and feelings has translated into real work that I also do with companies and organizations.

My curiosity is also aimed at the knowledge that revolves around people, so I never stop studying and updating myself on topics that deal with these issues.

Seven years ago, my husband and I decided to move to Austria where we can spend more time in nature and the tranquility of its landscapes.